Home Articles “Aftertaste”- Movies that have stayed with me for a longtime afterwards
“Aftertaste”- Movies that have stayed with me for a longtime afterwards

“Aftertaste”- Movies that have stayed with me for a longtime afterwards


Liar Liar – Your pants on fire

Jim Carrey is a comedy actor known for his eccentric goofy portrayals. Have no doubt in your mind; you are in for a goofy movie ride. As I say this I want to be clear that the movie is not a stupid cheap comedy, it’s just that the lead actor Jim Carrey has that style and gift for goofiness and without a doubt no one does it better than him in Hollywood. Period.

 In this movie Jim Carrey plays Fletcher Reede, a liar lawyer who focuses on his career at the expense of time with his son and family. Fletcher promises to attend his five year old son Max’s birthday party and doesn’t. Why? He is busy having sex with his lady boss for career reasons. Hurt at the broken promise Max wishes his father would not be able to lie for one day as he blows his birthday candles!!

 Fletcher wakes up besides his lady boss, she asks regarding the sex – Was it good for you?. Watch out for the answer!! The mayhem in Fletcher’s life starts with a bang as Max’s wish comes true. Fletcher’s life built on web of lies starts to crumble. He discovers for himself that he had been a bad father. The rest of the movie is how he corrects his life without being able to say a lie for the entire day!!!

Jim Carrey is in his elements in this movie. His goofiness is infectiously funny and watch out for the “blue pen” scene. I have seen this movie on a very bad day and forgot about the bad day. Wishes will come true for you as well if only for a day!!!

 Jim Carrey is one of the funniest men ever to grace the silver screen. However, just as it is the case with many other funny men his life wasn’t always funny. Just wanted to link the video below where Jim Carrey tells about his struggling days where he pursued his dreams tenaciously. Please do tell me how you liked the article and the link as well.

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