Home Articles “Aftertaste” – Movies that have stayed with me for a longtime afterwards
“Aftertaste” –  Movies that have stayed with me for a longtime afterwards

“Aftertaste” – Movies that have stayed with me for a longtime afterwards


Kung Fu Panda – Behold Awesomeness   

There is a tremendous beauty in Animation Movies. They are not cartoons. With the advent of new technology, Animation has become awesome to look at. Animation really looks alive. The vividness of the visuals is mouth-watering. The other thing is it is up to us to make the animation act the way we want which is not always easy if you have actors.

     Kung Fu Panda is a simple movie of Kung Fu enthusiast Panda Po  (voiced by Jack Black).Aftertaste  movie dreams of being a Kung Fu warrior every day but is a son of noodles shop owner in the valley. He plays with his action figures Master Tigress, Master Viper, Master Monkey, Master Crane and Master Mantis. He hears about Master Oogway choosing The Dragon Warrior and goes to watch the spectacle at the Jade Palace. He is chosen as the Dragon Warrior accidentally though Master Oogway insists that there are no accidents. Master Shifu doesn’t believe in Po being the Dragon Warrior. In the meantime an evil Snow he help Panda Po to fulfill his destiny? How does Panda Po defeat Tai Lung to bring peace to the valley become the crux of the story.

 There is a beauty in fables that is invaluable and inexpressible. Kung Fu Panda has that quality. Aftertaste movie Watch out for the scene when Panda Po understands the meaning of the Dragon Scroll. Also the scene where an upset Po is encountered at the peach tree by Master Oogway. Watch this movie with your kids and they will enjoy it now and will appreciate it in times much later from now.

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