Home Articles “Aftertaste”- Movies That Have Stayed With Me For A Longtime Afterwards
“Aftertaste”- Movies That Have Stayed With Me For A Longtime Afterwards

“Aftertaste”- Movies That Have Stayed With Me For A Longtime Afterwards


Nightcrawler (2014)


 Nightcrawler has a tagline “The City Shines Brightest at Night”. Well the movie is brightly made in every way. But it is the burning sickness of Protagonist Lou Bloom that burns here and lights up the movie. There is nothing ethical, human or illegal in what he does though he doesn’t get caught.

The movie starts as Petty thief Lou Bloom stealing from a Security Guard. He beats the guard and leaves the place. He sees a Freelance Photojournalist at work on his way. Inspired, he sets out to become one. How he crawls into the night for his job is the crux. His unethical ways, inhuman manipulations, pretentious smiles and the story keeps moving. Watch it till the end and you won’t have much choice anyway with Jake Gyllenhaal on screen.

 Protagonist Lou Bloom is played by Jake Gyllenhaal who takes his work seriously. If you have seen his pictures, you can clearly see that there are changes in his physical attributes for this role. His face is gaunt, he is lean and just prepares you visually for the movie you are in and that’s just the start. He doesn’t miss a note and the movie breezes through. The movie has that subtle creepiness though never overpowering or revolting. That keeps you till the end.

 Watch the scene where Lou Bloom takes His Older Lady Boss Nina Romina for a date. The climax  cannot probably be better written and Jake Gyllenhaal owns it. I surely want to know if you feel the same way about the climax. Please write down your views and comments below.


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