Home Articles “Aftertaste”- Movies that has stayed with me for longtime afterwards
“Aftertaste”- Movies that has stayed with me for longtime afterwards

“Aftertaste”- Movies that has stayed with me for longtime afterwards


Good Will Hunting

Why do I like this movie?? Because it is very relevant to me and many of this generation. Everyone of us needs that someone who understands you better than you understand yourself. It might be your mother, father, sibling, teacher, friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Also the other part is in this generation of religious extremism where youth from able, well-educated families are sought out by Extremist groups for dastardly acts, capabilities are as important as sensitivity for the life around. Balance of perception should meet the flair of intelligence for safeguarding their own well-being and lives of many. Otherwise many are disasters waiting to happen.
Quick Facts about Good Will Hunting.
Oscars Nominated : 9
Oscars Won : 2
Direction: Gus Van Sant
Producer: Lawrence Bender
Budget: $10 Million
Box Office: $225.9 Million
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaZVjZEFkRs
Quotes: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119217/quotes

What is this movie about?

This is about a fictional Mathematical Genius Will Hunting whose immense mathematics potential astounds a Fields Medal winner Prof.Gerald Lambeau(Fields Medal is the highest honor in Mathematics given once in four years). Infact Prof.Lambeau compares him to our own Srinivas Ramanujan. Similar to our Ramanujan, Will is not a College Graduate of any sort but a self-taught Mathematics Prodigy of unparalleled pedigree. Will works as a janitor in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology which is arguably the best technical college on Earth) where Prof. Lambeau teaches. Professor Lambeau leaves a very difficult Mathematical Problem to his students to solve on the board before the semester ends. Will anonymously solves the problem leaving every student and Prof. Lambeau amazed. Professor raises the stakes and gives a more complicated problem. Will nonchalantly solves these while cleaning the floors. Professor catches him red-handed while he is taking a dig at the problem and thinks that the Janitor is doing some Graffiti. To his utter joy he discovers who the mysterious mathematical wizard is.
Will Hunting is an Orphan who was physically abused multiple times in Foster homes. He is a twenty-year old who does construction work to support himself, goes to bars with his group of friends. He has multiple cases of petty crimes against him which he defends himself in courts thanks to his incredible interpretation of law and outrageous memory of previous cases.

Professor Lambeau wants to help Will by giving him direction and schedules for therapy sessions. Will Hunting, the genius that he is, has no inclination for therapy sessions and has his way with therapists. Professor Lambeau takes help of his former classmate Sean (who is a psychologist) played by Robin Williams for reaching out to Will. Robin Williams won an Oscar for this performance. The heart of the story is how Sean unravels Will. The conversations between Sean and Will regarding Love, Loss, Will’s past, Regrets and Soul mates will melt your heart.
Matt Damon gives you kicks as he pulls off this impossible genius with élan. Watch out for the bar scene where he tears apart a plagiarizing graduate-student. Robin Williams gives you an Oscar winning heart-felt performance. It is common for people to feel that it would have been nice if they would have shown the character Nancy on-screen. Ben Affleck, Minnie Driver, Stellan Skarsgard supplement well to the story. Screenplay by Ben Affleck-Matt Damon duo is original and crisp (which won them an Oscar).

I can identify myself with Will in many ways and I have My Sean who gave me direction without being manipulative. Many themes dealt with in the movie are still relevant to this generation. Surely, we need characters like Sean in the society for untaping the potential of the youth.
Watch this movie to lift your spirits and many lines will be with you for a long long time.
Passionately Yours,



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