Home Articles Aftertase – “Rocky – The Italian Stallion rules our hearts”.
Aftertase – “Rocky – The Italian Stallion rules our hearts”.

Aftertase – “Rocky – The Italian Stallion rules our hearts”.

Rocky is a cult classic that every sportsmen loves. It catapulted Sylvester Stallone into a over-night superstardom. It’s a classic under dog story. It was written and enacted by Sylvester Stallone who faced innumerable odds to make this movie happen. He slept on roads, starred in a porn movie, sold his dear companion dog Butkus(which is shown in the movie) for $20 so that he can get something to eat. But he never gave up. He wanted the movie to be made with him in the lead.
Rocky played by Sylvester Stallone is a small time boxer from Philadelphia. He is 30 years old who also works for loan sharks to make ends meet. He is a simpleton with a big heart in the ring. Apollo Creed is the reigning Heavyweight champion of the world. He is a bigmouth and a champion fighter. His scheduled opponent get injured and other top ranked fighters are all engaged with other commitments. Apollo wants to give an opportunity to an unknown small time southpaw and promote the fight in a huge way, the fight being bicentennial in 1976(USA got independence in 1776). Rocky Balboa – The Italian Stallion is chosen.
Talia Shire plays Adrianna, Rocky’s love interest. Paulie is Adrianna’s brother and Rocky’s friend played by Burt Young who does an amazing job. This movie is as charming as it is inspiring. There is a tremendous beauty in the way the characters are played out. A small time boxer Rocky, very shy Adrian, Foul mouthed Paulie, No-nonsense Mickey. Watch out for the scene where Rocky pounds a Carcass. Also the scene where Paulie gets jealous of Rocky.
The champion Apollo Creed’s character is loosely based on Muhammad Ali. He is an African-American, Bigmouth/Overconfident and a great fighter like Ali. Some say Rocky rode on the sentiment that was against Ali in American consciousness for him being black, bigmouth and devastatingly challenging.
The movie was nominated for 9 Oscars and won 3 Oscars including Best Picture. It was made with a budget of $1.1 million and grossed $225 million worldwide. It was voted the second greatest sports movie ever. Don’t miss this movie for anything, it’s that good!!
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